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Hide and Seek

Bringing Families and Daycares Together


Our Secret Sauce

Imagine if your current child care app did all of this

Keep Families Up To Date

As employees enter activities throughout the day, parents receive updates in real time with personalized notifications​


Parents sometimes have a hard time remembering all of the care givers for their kids. Now, they have the control to learn as much as they want, with an area dedicated to showing off your employee's talents

Communication is Key

Each student has a dedicated group chat so there's a single place for parents and teachers to chat about their loved ones​


Have something more private you'd like to discuss? Parents also have the ability to message individual teachers


Employees also get their own dedicated internal group chat for each class room that is automatically updated when employees transfer in and out. Finally, no more post it notes!

Smart Business Management

We are proud to offer integrated payment processing as part of our service. We accept all major card companies, including Apple Pay, and PayPal​


Set up ongoing subscriptions with ease, on your own billing cycle


The ability to track and manage student inventory, schedules, authorized family members, billing statements, reports, and so much more. 

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